The Only 5 Bags I Need


As a result of trying to live minimally and downsizing my ownership of general stuff and clutterI’ve been whittling away my handbag collection to a few timeless ones I reach for almost daily. These sufficiently cover from work, to going out, to travel. And all fit a ton of stuff!

Ferragamo Batik – The Work Classic
Everyone needs a structured work bag, and this has served me well for the last 5 years. I bought it originally via Reebonz as I had my eye on a Prada Saffiano Galleria BN2274 or BN1874, but they were out of my price range at the time and neither had a top zip. I like having the security of being able to zip up my bag (Australia is pretty safe from pickpockets, but you never know, right?) and this one still had the saffiano leather, which is a lot more hardy. That being said, I mis-aimed some scissors literally the day after I bought it and put a small scratch at the front. Cry. It’s not too visible, but does go to show why I can’t always have nice things.

Longchamp Le Pilage – The Casual Grab-bag
Hands down the single most reached-for bag in my collection. I don’t even know what I was using prior to this one. It is lightweight, waterproof, hardy, and the perfect size to grab-and-go or sling over a shoulder. I use it during all my down time. Anything from holding dog treats while walking the dog, to casual day outs, shopping runs, or as a fold-able travel handbag (I even took it to Uluru while hiking!). I also love the ability to either carry on the crook of my elbow or cross-body to keep my hands free.

Chanel Classic Flap – The Glam Night
The crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me of my collection (and a top coveted style of the handbag world). It took forever of um’ing and ah’ing before I finally got it. At the price of a small, second-hand car, I probably should use it a lot more to get the most cost-per-wear. I hate using the word “investment” on fashion purchases, but in this case, it’s actually appreciating in value (Chanel just raised their prices so these babies are now AUD $8k+!). I’ll be keeping this one forever and to pass down.

Backpack – The Active Day Out
I’ve already mentioned before how much I can cram into this tiny backpack for travel. It’s great for my more active day trips where I am hiking or jogging (although I’m not usually active at all!). I haven’t had a backpack in ages. It just reminds me of awkward school days. But at the constant nagging from Matt, I decided to get one on my own terms with lots of criteria to fulfill, and ended up loving what I found.

All the things I can cram into this tiny bag!

Country Road – The Weekender
Another trusty bag I’ve had for decades (well, 2. The minimum amount to be able to call it decades!). I remember these being super popular during my high school years. Literally every girl who hung out with the in-crowd was toting these around. Personally I find them too big for every day use, but it’s absolutely perfect for a long weekend trip away. I would generally prefer a suitcase, but sometimes I ceebs folding my clothes nicely and just cram it all in to be sorted out at the destination.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this particular colour anymore, but they still sell the same style so many years later!

Can you see a trend here? They’re mostly black bags! Not to say I don’t have bags of other colours, but I find black bags the easiest to pair with all my clothes (which are mostly black, white and grey).

Are you a handbag fanatic?
What are your favourite bags?

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