Travel Essentials Checklist: Work Check-in

If you haven’t already, check out Travel Essentials Checklist: Work Carry-on for part 1 of this mini series on packing for work travel.

I’m lucky that my current role involves international flights and at least a few days (if not a week!) overseas. Given it’s not places I would usually go, I tend to pack as light as possible to ensure I have some room for some shopping and souvenirs. Perks of the job, right?

Below is another checklist for what I tend to throw into my check-in luggage. By “throw”, I actually mean I completely fold/roll/tuck in all my things neatly. Mostly to avoid mess (so I can account for stuff!), but also to ensure things don’t get damaged. Anything breakable is usually sandwiched between clothing.

Click the image above to download a printable PDF!

Speaking of clothing, you’ll notice I haven’t gone into detail on outfits to pack. That’s because it all depends on length of stay and the weather. I tend to pack top/bottom separates so as to get the most wear out of mix and matching. Since this is a work trip and assuming I’m there for a week, I’ll usually pack maybe 2 blouses with a t-shirt, to match with 2 pencil skirts and a pair of pants. I also like the versatility of dresses, so I’ll probably have my trusty LBD rolled in as well.

My simplified travel makeup bag. Love using palettes to maximise colours but minimise bulk!

Then there’s the makeup kit. In general, I probably won’t need all of it every day. After slowly switching to semi-permanent treatments, like micro-blading brows, DIY lash extensions from home, and really (I mean really) taking care of my skin, I’ve been able to cut down makeup to the bare minimum. Even so, I’m either bare-faced or full faced — there’s no in-between. The funny thing is, I’m usually not a morning person…except when travelling. I love getting up earlier to do a complete morning routine, so it’s rare I’ll run out the door without my game-face on. It must be the excitement of new surroundings!

How do you pack your luggage?
Are you meticulous or do you throw it all in?
Do you have a different morning routine when you travel?

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