Review: How Microblading Upped My Brow Game


Far from looking like you have plastered on fading blue eyebrows, eyebrow microblading is a newer technique of individually drawing in each eyebrow hair. If done correctly by a skilled brow technician, the result is almost indistinguishable to natural brows. As someone with a commitment phobia to any form of tattooing, I was incredibly hesitant to try this procedure. In the end, I took the plunge with a Korean technician, @sydney_no.1beauty, that I followed on Instagram for ages and felt confident in her skill. I did also consider a more western style by @sydneylashandbrow, but preferred the straighter brow look.

@sydney_no.1beauty was located conveniently in Sydney CBD, where I was greeted by the soft-spoken Wonha. She took me upstairs to her studio, a sunny room with privacy screens and a portable salon bed. This was my very first session, so I was nervous and asked plenty of questions. Wonha spent a good 30 minutes outlining my brows to get my preferred shape and talking me through the colour options.

Secretly praying through this step I wouldn’t end up looking like Crayon Shin Chan!

She then set to work by first numbing the eyebrow area, before dipping a sterilised cutter into the ink and began drawing in the eyebrows.

Getting my brow game on!

For those feeling queasy at the thought, just know the process is completely bloodless as the cutter does not go down very far into the skin (and you’ll barely feel anything due to numbness). This is why microblading is only a semi-permanent procedure, and the effect will fade over 1-2 years.

Just before the big reveal!

There’s not much for me to do at this point except doze for the next hour. But when it was time to wipe the ink off for the big reveal, I was completely floored. The effect looked amazing! As someone with sparse brow hairs, microblading my eyebrows immediately balanced out my features and framed my eyes to look more “done up”.

Maybe she was born with it, maybe it’s microblading.

Following some guidance on after-care, Wonha sent me off with a sachet of recovery cream to apply every night. It’s also important not to get eyebrows wet for at least the first few days while they heal. In saying that, the eyebrows did darkened for the first 3 days. Coupled with the cream, I walked around with dark, shiny eyebrows for around a week. It either wasn’t too obvious to my workmates or they were too polite to comment. If you tend to feel self-conscious on this, I would suggest to get them done on a Friday afternoon over a long weekend.

Eyebrows on heal for next 3-5 days. Afterwards, they’ll be on fleek!

The service doesn’t stop there, though! @sydney_no.1beauty also offers a free retouch up to 2 months after your first session. This is to ensure the brows have healed correctly and top up the colour if they have initially faded too fast. I opted for eyebrow microblading ahead of my wedding, but also to cut down on my morning routine. Now almost 6 months down the track, the brows are still looking fabulous, and it also helps me keep them in better shape.

Before and after

Please bear in mind this review was purely based on my own experience (and I paid for the service myself). If you are considering eyebrow microblading, please always do your own research, ask lots of questions, and select a technician that best suits your style and preferences. Make sure you are comfortable with them, their skills, their tools, and the aftercare of your brows.

What do you think of eyebrow microblading?
Would you ever be keen to try or have you already had it done?

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