Quality vs Quantity: Current Skincare

My general rule when it comes to quality is that anything that could potentially be ingested, absorbed, applied to the skin, or is a consumable product should not be compromised on. In regards to beauty products, I will not skimp on makeup, skincare, haircare, or perfume. Prevention is always better than cure, and the right time to look after yourself is always now.

Having worked in the beauty retail industry for over 5 years, I always try to get the best possible products that I can afford to treat my skin. A $80 moisturiser might seem to be a steep price to pay for a 50ml palm-sized jar, but knowing it will address my skin concerns and that I will use it twice a day for the next 5 months brings it down to about 26 cents per use. That’s definitely a lot more reasonable.

I’ve been on a strict skincare diet since realising there’s a mountain of half-used goo sitting around my bathroom. Suddenly, I was confronted with questions such as: why do I need 2 bottles of shampoo, 4 types of face masks, and 3 tubs of moisturiser? All of which end up languishing underneath my bathroom sink or around the shower. I’ve since had a clean out of most products and have reduced the number to only what’s within the last 12 months. It’s actually quite liberating.

Here’s my current range of skincare items:

Clockwise from left: Exfoliator, hydration masks, makeup remover, cleanser, moisturiser

I’ve just finished my eye cream and serum and looking for something new. Previous eye creams I’ve tried were by Origins and Goldfaden. Not bad, but also not miracle-inducing. At this point, I’m not sure there’s much to be done for my dark circles except to go to bed earlier! As for serums, Sunday Riley, Darphin, and Jeunesse have all been great for my skin, although I’ve never stuck to one brand consistently (except my Skyn Iceland Antidote Cooling Lotion!). I’m dedicated enough to use a product until completion, but it always feel like a treat to try something new. Life’s too short to be on repeat!

What are you currently using?
Do you have a ton of skincare products?
Which HG skincare items have you repurchased?

Not affiliated with any of the above brands at the time of writing, but all reviews opinions are genuine and my own. Products were purchased with my own funds. Unless otherwise stated or credited, all images are my own.

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