5 Tips to Always Looking Put Together


That one girl in every office who’s always incredibly presented. You know the one: Impeccable style, effortless hair, immaculate make-up…
The Devil Wears Prada

Wouldn’t it be great to be her?

Well, it doesn’t have to involve waking up 3 hours earlier or take heaps of planning. Here’s some of the things I do to looking put together and take out some stress from my morning rush.

1. Do a manicure
Your hands are always on display. They’re constantly being used to grab, hold, lift or pickup things. So it makes sense to take care of your hands and nails to keep them looking their best. Either drop in regularly at your local salon or DIY yourself at home. It doesn’t have to be fancy; regular trimming and a coat of clear polish may be all that’s required.

For me, I love a Shellac manicure at the salon. It never chips and lasts me a good 3-4 weeks while I get to feel a little pampered. While there’s hundreds of colours to choose from, I find neutral pastels get the best coordination with outfits.

Freshly manicured Shellac nails

2. Get an amazing haircut
Never underestimate the power of a good haircut. Since the face is where most people focus on first, having an amazing haircut that suits your face shape can completely elevate your look. Don’t be afraid to change it up but do aim for one that doesn’t require too much maintenance. For dyed hair, always touch up the root regularly or opt for some bayalage.

I’ve recently got a fringe and dyed my hair burgundy. My shower looks like a scene from American Psycho when I wash my hair, but I’m so in love with both the style and colour. A simple blow dry and slick of coconut oil is all that’s required to keep it maintained.

3. Establish a work wardrobe uniform
Imagine: Your brain hasn’t yet kicked into gear, you’re about to be late, and you still don’t know what to wear. Sound familiar? Some say you can pick out your outfit the night before. This doesn’t really work for me. What if it’s raining/sunny/colder/warmer than I anticipated? What if a zipper broke/button came off/fabric ripped? Eurgh.

What does work of me is having a work “uniform”. My curated work wardrobe involves paring a top and bottom that can all be interchangeably mixed-and-matched. In a nutshell, keep it basic except for a few accent colours to add interest. [The Capsule Wardrobe] by Wendy Mak is a great starter reference book for this.

4. Wear classy accessories
It’s been 10 years since I’ve started corporate work. I’m long past the stage of buying cheap costume jewellery and accessories from fast-fashion stores. Not only do they tarnish and discolour quite easily but they can quickly be outdated. These days, I’m more willing to splurge a little more on precious metals, pearls and silks. With proper care, they will last for years. Oh, and I find delicate jewellery gives a more refined, high-end look. Check out some of my favourite stores below!

5. Have a simple makeup routine
While I’m completely confident to walking out with a bare face, a professional work environment should call for some makeup. After years of practice, I can do my morning makeup in 10 minutes. But depending on your comfort and capability levels, it doesn’t have to be a full face. The bare necessities could just be foundation (or tinted moisturiser), mascara and gloss. Also have a play with products that can multitask. Try cream eyeliner smudged out as eyeshadow or a lip stain doubling as blush.

It may not be a “look” but I always spritz on some perfume before walking out the door. I love light florals and fruity scents, but select whatever suits you and never overdo it. My perfume of the moment is Quatre by Bucheron. It’s something sweet, fruity and light that I can spritz all over without becoming overpowering.

Do these work for you?
Are you already doing it as part of your routine?
Or share your tips below!

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